New Media Artist  /  Creative Technologist  /  Designer 

” My main focus lies in the field of immersive experience design with a specialty in the design and development of real-time new media projects. The main aims of each project are to create a shared immersive experience in which light, sound and human interaction all exist harmoniously in one space. When theses elements fuse together in the viewer’s space a multi sensory response is initiated. This response has the ability to transcend the subconscious and cut straight to the core faster than any other medium. The experiences are unique and often unforgettable. This allows a narrative to be conveyed with maximum psychological impact. “

Based: Limerick, Ireland.

1st Ac – Rain Came, and then Shadows (2018)
Photo: Leon Forristal

“I possess a wide range of artistic and technical skills which help me to oversee and construct unforgettable experiences. It’s my belief that a true creative director should have the skills to not only direct but also physically craft in order to be involved in the process. This should be matched with a concrete vision and adequate management to ensure the delivery of a professional, powerful piece of work. I attained a BSc in Music, Media and Performance Technology from the University of Limerick in 2016. “

Scott has a multidisciplinary background in sound design, music, cinematography, animation, 3D, REAL-TIME graphics, new media tech and light art.