Plastic Tears – interactive art installation –

PLASTIC TEARS (2019) – SOUNDDOME – KILKENNY, TREE PLANTING FUNDRAISER, 2019 – 216 COLLECTIVE Residency.  I had the opportunity to write a piece for the Soundome 2019. The Soundome is a 48 speaker, 16 Channel geodesic spatial sound dome. Walter Nied got the 216 collective to do a residency at the fundraiser. 

I wrote an interactive/generative audio piece for it using Max MSP. The piece was called

“Plastic Tears”. The vbap objects in Max were super handy for the spatial aspect of this.

A 3D controller used motion detection to allow users to interact with the space. The dynamic control system was created using TouchDesigner.

The installation was essentially a generative seascape. The ambient seascape was
comprised of the sounds that were above the water and sounds that were below the water.

The switch between above and under water was controlled by the participants. The seascape
sounds would gradually shift to a gritty type filter, layered with “plastic” samples to reflect the
disruption that plastic has on nature. The plastic vs natural frequencies would somewhat combat
for dominance thus metaphorically signifying their current relationship.

The participants could
* Use a 3D controller to move the sound around the dome with their hands (Pan & Azimuth)
* Change the soundscape from being under to over water using a hang gesture
* Change the weather/behavioural patterns

Below are some stills from inside the dome during daytime.

Photos by @Roisín Berg