New Media Art Collab. – art installation – CREATIVE IRELAND

Myself and Roisín Berg and Walter Nied have teamed together to create an immersive, new media installation. The piece combines kinetic sculpture, artificial intelligence, spatial manipulation, light art and real-time, dynamic control. This piece is funded by Creative Ireland which we’re so grateful for as this allows us the opportunity to collaborate.

This was planned to be exhibited in Limerick in the Autumn/Winter of 2020 but due to Covid lockdown we likely will have to wait until we are allowed. We are hoping this to be early next year at the latest.

Thematically we have chosen to make a statement about Irish heritage and it’s meaning today. 

COVID 19: The shambles of a ‘medical system’, largely resulting from poor governance and funding, has led to the crash and burn of many industries here in Ireland. The creative sector being one of the hardest hit.

Many see the arts as a secondary measure, however, the arts act for many as their only true means of expression. It is therapeutic as well as healing. It engages us and connects us to a higher level of human/spiritual connection that we may not have outside of our working lives. 

Projects like these act as a means of expression, an opportunity to ask questions but also as a platform to showcase talent right here in this country. They act as springboards for our artistic and creative careers. Opening us up to a world of exciting opportunities, with technological innovation and artistic flair at their core. 

Concept 07